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RE: exporting etc

From: Dougal Kennedy
Subject: RE: exporting etc
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:13:13 +1100

I have thought of setting up the permissions on the CVS folder each time it is 
done, but we do frequent upgrades and this will be forgotten sooner rather than 
later, as I am only a contracter and will not be here too long after i set it 

Not 100% sure what this rename shuffle business is, but it sounds like what 
greg was suggesting, ie write a script/batch file to do the work for me.

Unfortunately this looks like the only solution.

Dougal Kennedy
Software Engineer
Icontact Australia

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From: Paul Sander [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, 31 October 2002 7:01 PM
To: Dougal Kennedy; address@hidden
Subject: Re: exporting etc

Have you considered one or more of the following?

- Configure your web server to disallow serving the CVS meta-data.
- Check out to a staging area, then perform a quick rename shuffle
  to replace the deployed web site very quickly.

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 I would like to know if either of the following are possible:
 * Doing a checkout that will over-write any files with the
   same name that already exist (no i do not want to do an
   update, as the files being over-written will contain no CVS
   information-ie i want to do an export that overwrites a
   previous export) OR
 * Instead of putting the 3 automatically created CVS file
   (entries, repositroy and root) in a seperate folder called
   CVS, is it possible to put these three files in the same
   directory level as the files that they are describing.

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