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RE: Providing the functionality of CVS as a library

From: jlcarpenter
Subject: RE: Providing the functionality of CVS as a library
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:40:12 -0800

Isn't there a Java CVS client library used within jCVS?  Unfortunately for
me the library is under a GPL which doesn't let me use it within any ant
tasks submitted to Jakarta.

The Microsofties should be able to compile a Java library into a .NET
assembly using J#.  (One might have to touch up the code here and there.)
Then any application running within the CLR or able to use wrapped .NET
code could use it regardless of language.

The non-Java Unix heads could use C++ to access the Java library.  I think
there is an ant task that claims to automate wrapping a C++ interface
around Java code and vice versa.

Surely there is code on CPAN which interfaces with CVS even if it is really
pushing a command line under the covers.  Last I heard ActiveState is
working on getting Perl to compile to the CLR.

I think there is an effort to develop an open-source implementation of the
CLR on Unix.  This might help Unix heads who aspire to be Microsofties.

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Alex Taler writes:

> I'm interested in working on providing the functionality
> of CVS as a library.

I take it you mean the _client_ side of CVS as a library? Or are you
talking about serving up CVS functionality from an embedded server?

The first is quite useful - it would make it far more easy to wrap it in
good GUI tools (instead of the somersaults that the various GUI clients
have to go through today to parse the output).

Also, providing hooks to provide standard client-side SCC APIs (like
Microsoft's) also makes it more easy to integrate into IDEs.
Unfortunately, there isn't much of a standard for these things outside
the Micro$$$$ world..

Good idea..

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