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Re: Multisite CVS

From: jlcarpenter
Subject: Re: Multisite CVS
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 09:21:50 -0800

Couldn't you use something like CVSup and automatically trigger its
execution after every check in?
Is there more to a multisite repository than meets the eye?
(I assume the poster is aware that cvs works just fine half way around the
world from the repository.)

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> Hello CVS,
> I would like to know that whether CVS supports multisite or not.
> in the sense a true multisite solution
> not just mirroring the disk on, which the CVS repository exists to
> machine, and periodically syncing it.
No, it doesn't.  It is possible to mirror the repository, but not to
have multiple equal sites.

There are several obvious difficulties in having such a multisite
repository, things like race conditions.  I don't know how other
systems with multisite repositories handle these, or if they do
at all well.

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