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Re: Multisite CVS

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Multisite CVS
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 09:21:09 -0800

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>> I would like to know that whether CVS supports multisite or not. Multisite
>> in the sense a true multisite solution
>> not just mirroring the disk on, which the CVS repository exists to another
>> machine, and periodically syncing it.

>No, it doesn't.  It is possible to mirror the repository, but not to
>have multiple equal sites.

>There are several obvious difficulties in having such a multisite
>repository, things like race conditions.  I don't know how other
>systems with multisite repositories handle these, or if they do
>at all well.

All of the systems I've examined in detail solve most of the problems
by establishing ownership of various meta-data to each site.  Each site
can modify the meta-data it owns, and cannot modify any of the meta-data
owned by other sites.

There has been discussion of multi-site CVS issues in this forum several
times in the past, along with one or two proposals that people seem
to think are promising.  One involves copying parts of the version
tree for each artifact to other sites and attaching it to a version
tree at the other sites.  Then repeating the process back.  A
site cannot commit to branches that were imported from other sites.
You can find more detailed descriptions in the archives.

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