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Re: ANN: CVSToys 1.0.0 - commit notification extravaganza

From: Kevin Turner
Subject: Re: ANN: CVSToys 1.0.0 - commit notification extravaganza
Date: 11 Nov 2002 00:58:54 -0800

On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 00:13, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> > Unlike 'loginfo' alone, which will only execute the first
> > matching command it finds, FreshCVS's flexible configuration allows for
> > any number of actions to take place.
> That's bogus.  CVS has always had an "ALL" keyword.

Which gives you ALL or nothing.  That doesn't handle something like

X* command1
Xsub* command2

Y* command3 don't want ALL to happen for any of commands 1, 2, or 3, but you
do want both 1 and 2 to happen for Xsubfoo.

> > Another key feature of FreshCVS notifications is that you receive
> > one per commit, not one for each directory of the commit as
> > loginfo-triggered scripts are prone to do.
> That's also more or less bogus.  There's been comit_prep and
> log_accum in the contrib directory for nearly forever and they do
> exactly the same thing.

Acknowledged.  And in fact, I took a page from log_accum's book (hooking
commitinfo) when I wanted to get rid of my Linux-specific tricks.  But
log_accum does one thing; perhaps not the thing I wanted to do.  The
idea was to factor that capability out instead of reproducing it in
every script.  I've only just today seen a version of log_accum with
some concept of plug-ins[1], which is more along the lines of what I

> > FreshCVS is extensible with Python, and you may also publish
> > notifications by a Perspective Broker network service, allowing 3rd
> > party clients to listen in.
> Now that's sort of interesting.  (Scheme would have been better :-)

There's a Perspective Broker implementation for elisp, is that close
enough?  ;)

Thanks for the feedback,

 - Kevin

[1] That's the version of log_accum that's in

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