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Moving to Pserver from .rhosts

From: Mahantesh
Subject: Moving to Pserver from .rhosts
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 19:28:49 +0530

we have working repository running right now. Currently the mode of
authentication is .rhosts.
We are planning to migrate the mode of authentication to pserver. Also
after moving to pserver mode we should be
able have all the versions we have right now. 

My question is, whether it is enough just deleting .rhosts files and
opening port 2401 and making appropriate entries in startup scripts
without doing "cvs init" which creates CVSROOT. for moving to pserver

As version is maintained in all RCS(,v) files, I think this should work.
I am right? Please suggest what would be the best way to achieve this.


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