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Re: New member

From: Patrick Malaison
Subject: Re: New member
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 15:55:18 -0500
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Thanks for the info although you quoted me wrong on my second question, your answer made sense. So to be more specific, I will be setting up CVS for a multi platform, multi OS environment where the developers will work either/or remotely in the office, some of them are very junior and some of them highly experience. I will also be supporting those users so I was thinking of using a web client so that I would only have to support one CVS client.

By best I meant easy to support, easy to learn, lots of functionality and a high quality product that is stable, and offer good security . Do any of the web clients fit that bill?

Zing, Mark wrote:
Patrick Malaison writes:

My goal is to set it up as a remote CVS server. How's the security using 
pserver, what is the best client giving the fact that I will have a 
multi-OS user bed?

As has been said, ssh rocks.

The other part of your question doesn't make a lot of sense, if you think
about it.

     "What's the best language to use, given that
      I will have an international user bed?"

Obviously, the "best" client will depend on what OS the user is using.
*You* can use whatever client you want.

Also, "best" client depends on the what the user likes.  Power-users will
probably find the command-line cvs clients available for Linux, FreeBSD,
Cygwin, OS-X, etc perfectly servicable.  Others may feel drawn to the GUI
clients made for most platforms.  Web clients exist that run on every
platform that runs a browser.  "Best" isn't much criteria to go by...they
*all* work.


Patrick Malaison

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