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checkout on remote server

From: Kasper Haagensen
Subject: checkout on remote server
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 13:42:31 +0100

Hey there

I have setup a system there is or should I say, should work like this.

Mostly all the developing is done on windows machine using wincvs, there
do a update/commet to the cvs server on a machine I would like to use
like a Source server. All this is going good and work. There is also a
script in the loginfo file, there do a update on the project, so that
the web server on cvs server, can show the files.

Bur what I would like to do is, have is update done on another server,
there is only used as a webserver an short down the web server on the
cvs server.

I have but this in the logfile:

^sdocs (date; id; cat; (cvs -d
:ext:address@hidden:/home/httpd/stat/ checkout sdocs) &) >>
$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/sdocs-updatelog 2>&1

In the log file, it come up with this:

Sun Jan  5 14:07:11 CET 2003
uid=503(httpd) gid=503(httpd) groups=503(httpd)
Update of /usr/local/cvs/sdocs
In directory

Modified Files:
Log Message:
no message
Cannot access /home/httpd/e-stat//CVSROOT
No such file or directory

Can any body help me with this?

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