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update -j updates more than requested

From: Alicia Jones
Subject: update -j updates more than requested
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 15:01:31 -0600


I'm having the following problem with 'update -j'.  Any help is

I have an (untagged) working copy that was originally checked out from
the main trunk.  More files have been checked into the main trunk since 
then, so there are files/changes on the trunk that are not in my 
working copy.  My working copy also has uncommitted adds/changes.

I now want to merge in the changes from another branch made off of HEAD
into my working copy.  The branch is further down the trunk than my 
working checkout, but not at the end of the trunk.

I expected the following to work:
   cvs update -j BRANCHTAG working_dir

However, this not only merges in the changes from the branch, but it's
ALSO brings my working dir up to date with the LATEST (past my checkout
AND the branch) versions checked in on the main trunk.  I only want the
changes from the BRANCH, without picking up any changes on the trunk.

'cvs update -j NONBRANCHSTARTTAG -j BRANCHTAG working_dir' gives the
result, which is really strange.

Anyone know how I can get what I want?   BTW, this is CVS version



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