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Re: update -j updates more than requested

From: Alicia Jones
Subject: Re: update -j updates more than requested
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:00:16 -0600

Kaz Kylheku wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Alicia Jones wrote:
> > I have an (untagged) working copy that was originally checked out from
> > the main trunk.  More files have been checked into the main trunk since
> > then, so there are files/changes on the trunk that are not in my
> > working copy.  My working copy also has uncommitted adds/changes.
> >
> > I now want to merge in the changes from another branch made off of HEAD
> > into my working copy.  The branch is further down the trunk than my
> > working checkout, but not at the end of the trunk.
> Ah, well, then relative to you, that branch consists of all the main
> trunk work up to that branching point, and then all the work on the
> branch.

Yes, but fortunately I was able to successfully bring my working dir 
up to date with the point where the branch forked off without problem
(using a regular cvs update).  So I really should take that out of the 
equation.  Let's assume I was up-to-date at the time the branch was

> > I expected the following to work:
> >    cvs update -j BRANCHTAG working_dir
> >
> > However, this not only merges in the changes from the branch, but it's
> > ALSO brings my working dir up to date with the LATEST (past my checkout
> > AND the branch) versions checked in on the main trunk.  I only want the
> > changes from the BRANCH, without picking up any changes on the trunk.
> In that case, there has to be a branchpoint tag which marks the point
> on the trunk where the branch was made. You merge using:
>    update -j branch-start-point -j branch

I think that's what I'm doing...  
I have a cvs branch tag (BRANCHTAG) on the branch which of course points
to the end of the branch I want.  I also have a regular (i.e.
tag (BPOINTTAG) on the main trunk at the point where the branch I want 
forked off from the trunk.  So it seems that either of:

   update -j BRANCHTAG    OR
should have worked.  However, both of these command get me both the
changes on the branch AND the changes between the revisions currently in
my working dir and the most recent checkins on HEAD.

It's as if it doing both the 'cvs update -j 1 -j 2' AND a regular 
'cvs update'.  I didn't think that's what was supposed to happen.

> This will do the right thing. If, alas, no such tag was made, you might
> be able to approximate it if you can guess the date and time when the
> branch was sprouted.
> People should practice making branchpoints. Without them, it's hard to
> take a branch to be a changeset which can be grafted into distant
> places in the revision tree.
> > 'cvs update -j NONBRANCHSTARTTAG -j BRANCHTAG working_dir' gives the
> > same
> > result, which is really strange.
> >

> > Anyone know how I can get what I want?   BTW, this is CVS version
> > 1.10.7.
> You should consider upgrading to 1.11, though not specifically for this
> problem. A lot of debugging has happened since 1.10.7.
> There was a branchpoint patch floating around to add special syntax for
> implicitly referring to the base revisions of a branch, thereby
> avoiding the need for a branchpoint tag. I'm not sure whether this has
> been rolled into the official CVS sources.
> --
> Meta-CVS: directory structure versioning; versioned symbolic links;
> versioned execute permission; versioned property lists; easy branching
> and merging and third party code tracking; all implemented over the
> standard CVS command line client --


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