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TAG and file removing

From: Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD
Subject: TAG and file removing
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:35:44 +0100


A developper had removed a file in a tagged module.
How is it possible ?

Am I missing something ?
I thought a tag in a module was like a "picture" of all files
revision number of the module, so you can later checkout the module with
the tag name.
But if it's possible to remove file
(remove and commit !!! It's really in the Attic folder on server side) 
Then, how will I be able to checkout module with tag name ?
The resulting checkedout module will not reflect the one I had when I
tagged it !

I thought you had to create branch in order to modify a tagged module

Help ! I'm disapointed !!

There was some threads in the archive,
but the answers was not clear enought.
= is it OK or not to remove file from client side in a taged module ?
!= removng a tag. I don't speak of removing a tag.

   Thanks CVS users !

Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD                    Sysdeo
Software engineer     

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