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Re:Re: Query regarding Branches in CVS

From: Amit Sood
Subject: Re:Re: Query regarding Branches in CVS
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:09:35 +0530

I am using Win CVS client and using the file locking option,
but in this case I don't find it to be branch wise.Is other
way of locking available too??
>>Do you mean 'locked with cvs admin -l' or locked as in marked for
>>editing with 'cvs edit', or locked in some other way?
>>As I understand it, cvs admin -l locks a specific revision. cvs edit
>>marks the file for editing, but I believe it will mark each branch
Yes I expect the changes to go in their respective places but my question,
if both the changes one for main branch and other for other branch at
exactly the same time will CVS be able to handle it???
> Also if two users make changes to "ABC.txt" one user make changes to
> "ABC.txt"
> in main branch and other in RELBRANCH1 and these changes at exactly same
> moment of
> time will CVS will be able to handle such a scenario successfully.

....Yes. That's what branches are for. The changes in the branch version of
....the file will be saved to the branch, the changes in the main version
.....will be saved to the main trunk.

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