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Monitoring my CVS server

From: Damien Castelltort
Subject: Monitoring my CVS server
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 11:23:41 +0200

We use a Linux CVS server to hold our source repository. We use WinCVS and
the igloo addin for Visual Studio. Sometimes we've got
Visual studio freezing for a certain period of time, and it is completly
random. I wanted to know if other people have experienced this
kind of problem ?

I thought it may be server side, and was wondering if anyone know a good
software under linux that would allow me to keep log of CPU use peek, IO
peek and watch/analyse them after a day of work. The server has to handle 14
programmers all day. It would help me to understand if it is server side,
network side or client side.


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