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Re: file ownership in the repository

From: Geoff Beier
Subject: Re: file ownership in the repository
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 18:15:27 -0400
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To get around this, I thought maybe I could create system accounts for the users, having them all be a member of some common cvs group, and setting the permissions on the repository to allow write access for that group.

The problem I've run into with this is that when a user creates a directory in the repository, it isn't owned by the cvs group, it's owned by the user's main group. When another developer tries to extract the files, they get permission denied.

Is there a way to do this? Can I use the system accounts for authentication, but still proxy the cvs operations?

We use system accounts (via ssh) for authentication and still have the directories owned by the cvs group. Simply set the sgid bit on all of the directories under which a developer may save files or create directories, and files and directories will be owned by the group that owns the parent directory in the repository rather than the primary group of the developer.

Here's a quick fix:
as root, from the parent directory of your repository (e.g. if your project repository is in /var/cvs/projectdirectory, do this from /var/cvs):

# chmod 4775 projectdirectory
# chown -R :cvsgroup projectdirectory
# find projectdirectory -type d -exec chmod g+s '{}' \;


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