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Re: cvs add <directory>

From: Phil R Lawrence
Subject: Re: cvs add <directory>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 08:51:06 -0400
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Greg A. Woods wrote:
Yes, unfortunately though people seem to think for some bizarre reason
that directories contain something interesting other than just files and
thus they seem to want to version them, but fortunately they are
completely mistaken, or have been mislead by stupid unnecessary features
in other similar tools.  It all stems from the fact that far too many
people are using _very_ wrong tools for the jobs they think they're
trying to do.

Hold on there! We were unable to use CVS because it could not version our directories... I consider it a major deficiency.

I gather that most people use CVS to version their c projects, etc... normal things that you compile and release.

But we were hoping to version our production ERP directory tree. Most of our work involves one-at-a-time script manipulation/addition/deletion. A major downfall was CVS inability to handle (and reproduce upon checkout) hard and soft links from that dir structure.

We never did find a tool that could do this, and settled on just RCS'ing individual files. But that really sucks. I had hoped i could check out a complete, functioning tree (links and all, dir structure as of a certain release, etc.) on a test machine for practicing vendor upgrade scripts. It would have been sweet.

Phil R Lawrence

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