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Re: Moving Repositories

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Moving Repositories
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 09:35:34 +0200

>  I am in the process of moving a UNIX CVS repository from one company (and 
> country) to another (still UNIX) and would like to avoid problems, yes I am 
> new to CVS.  I have read the book by Cederqvist etal, but am still have 
> questions.  What exists is /home/sfw/cvsroot/CVSROOT with the *,v files at 
> /home/sfw/cvsroot/project1/source/module_name.  where the source directory 
> contains only subdirectories (modules) which have the *,v files.  
>   What I want to end up with is /home/source/CVSROOT and the *,v files at 
> /home/source/project1/source/module_name where there will be many projects 
> (project1 is only one of many) and source is the same as before, a list of 
> subdirectories (modules) which contain the *,v files. 
>   (1) is this possible; (2) and how do I set up the CVS, i.e. how does it 
> know where the *,v files are? (3) what other pitfalls am I going to encounter?

I think you will find other mails with questions (and answers) like that.
In short: If you only want to move it (no internal changes) you can just
tar it up (to preserve the permission bits) and move it to the new place.
Just make sure that all sandboxes have their changes committed.
If you want to include your repo into another you can copy the project*
dirs and need to manually merge the content of the CVSROOT/* files.
There are two versions of the CVSROOT files: the ,v are needed to
store the history version, the other files are actually used to work with
by cvs itself.

Good luck


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