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RE: Info-cvs Digest, Vol 7, Issue 54

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: RE: Info-cvs Digest, Vol 7, Issue 54
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 11:44:23 +1000

Hi Ben,

Our company developed an HTML changelog facility. It uses's xml
output to give HTML changeset information with inspection of individual
commits, rollback and roll forward (for moving changes between branches).
You might find this method the easiest way to export data into an access db
or excel or something to do pivot-table analysis there.

The key to the problem is -- how to get the change info out of CVS in a
structured manner, which cvs2cl does very nicely. Our stylesheet thus is
essentially trivial in nature.

It's available at:


Matthew Herrmann
VB6/SQL/Java/CVS Consultancy
Far Edge Technology

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This has made me think...

Are there any good tools that can generate HTML reports from CVS ChangeLogs?

I'd be looking for something that generates in tabular form, a report that
would list the updates to files, and activity percentile of authors. I know
there is view CVS, but would it do this job?



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