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RE: Checking Tag existance

From: Roser Timm (KADA 31)
Subject: RE: Checking Tag existance
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:55:24 +0200

Hi Larry,

actually that's just what we were looking for - but:
It looks as if there is an inconsistency within cvs that keeps us from using it.

If we tag a module and subsequently delete the same tag on the module, cvs acts 
as when the tag has never been set.
I recon that cvs checks the val-tags file only when deciding 
whether the tag exists and doesn't look at the rcs files to say good or bad.

Apparentely the val-tags file is never updated when deleting a tag (Well - how 
should it, there is probably no way to say that the deleted tag is the "last" 
tag of it's kind in the repository and have it taken out of the val-tags list)

Nonetheless i was wondering if this is not a bug as it also manifests when 
doing a checkout.
If you checkout a module with a deleted tag you won't get an error, even though 
the tag doesn't really exist on any file contained in the module. That seems 
very inconsistent as it does not reflect the state of the module at all.


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"Roser Timm (KADA 31)" writes:
> is there a way to check the existance of a given tag before trying to 
> checkout out a module with this tag?

        cvs rdiff -rtag -rtag module

-Larry Jones

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