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Repository design suggestions

From: Martyn Klassen
Subject: Repository design suggestions
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 17:00:49 -0400

I'm trying to design the repository structure for a group of projects under team development and was wondering if anyone with more experience might have some recommendations for an efficient design.

The projects are extensions to a commercial application and consist largely of text files (macros, menus, c-code, etc.). To be useful, tested/debugged, the project files have to be in the directories dictated by the application. Initial I thought this wouldn't be a problem, you simply make the repository tree structure the same as that used by the application and check out a working copy on top of the directories used by the application. Of course releasing the project becomes difficult because "cvs release -d" is not smart enough to only delete files under cvs control, but more problematic is the issue of when you need two or more projects checked out at the same time. CVS will not allow you to check out files from two trees in the repository to the same working directory. You could put all the projects into one tree in the repository and use the module definition to check out different groups, however when you have 100+ files in a group it gets tedious to define and maintain the module definitions, and seems apt to cause many problems. The only other idea I could come up with was to have separate trees for each project in the repository and use install and uninstall scripts to create and destory links in the application directory, but the application has the annoying tendency to break links when it modifies a file making this less than ideal.

I'd appreciate any insights on possible design solutions that others have found to work.


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