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Re: Howto?

From: Terrence Enger
Subject: Re: Howto?
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 22:14:19 -0400

At 16:11 2003-08-14 +0300, Stephen Biggs wrote:

[point 1 snipped]

>2. If I checkout a module from one repository, say from the Internet,
>and then import it into a second repository, say my local one, is there
>an easy and correct way to make sure that the local copy is also updated
>by the changes in the remote repository?  That is, I want to do an
>update from the remote repository in my local directory and then be able
>to merge and commit those changes to my local repository?

I am doing something very like this, using some bash and perl scripts.  
The scripts are still evolving, and are peculiar to my own situation, 
with hardcoded repositories, module names, tags, and so forth.  The 
only documentation is the scripts themselves.  Nevertheless, if you 
are interested in them, I can send you a copy.  If you can imagine a 
way to make the scripts more widely useful, I am willing to apply GPL 
to them.

>Thanks for any help.

You are welcome.  I just hope it does help a little bit.


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