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Importing binary files

From: rog amos
Subject: Importing binary files
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 10:47:29 -0400 (EDT)

I imported binary files using the cvsnt inport command (well actually i imported a very large project that contained both binary and non binary files)...
in all the documentation that i read before importing there was only mention of a problem with binary files when the "add" command was used...
but when i checked out the project and tried to open the binary files, it seems that all of them have been corrupted.
i am running CVSNT 2.0.9 (sorry to all the cvs people but i figured you could help me out too)
with a WinCVS client (1.3.13 b1) but i ran the import command from the CVSNT client on my server machine (i figured that it would be quicker)
i don't know why this happened but now i have 3 questions:
1.) before i import again, what file/variable should i set so that CVSNT will know that certain file extensions are binary
2. once i do 1.), can i re-import the necessary modules (directories and sub-directories) over the previous ones without getting a ton of conflicts OR
3. can i simply delete the affected modules and re-import new modules once 1.) is done?
thanks in advance

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