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"<filename> created independently by second party"

From: Andy Jones
Subject: "<filename> created independently by second party"
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 11:24:02 +0100

Hello all.

CVS 1.11

It's probably my fault - I was trying to do a final import to prepare for 
our version control strategy going live.

What I didn't remember is that, with my developer's hat on, I had created 
some new files and done a cvs add in my local working copy.  And to test 
those files I had to put them in the general code area.   So they got 
imported too.

So when I went to commit the files back in my local working copy I got 
"<filename> created independantly by second party".  I couldn't merge away 
the conflict.  In the end I just cvs remove'd the version from the import.

My question is, was there a better, cleaner way out of that conflict?

Shouldn't a cvs update have merged the differences between the two 

Andy Jones
Tapestry Software

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