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cvs-1.11.7 and higher with Eclipse - PATCH ...

From: Richard Pfeiffer
Subject: cvs-1.11.7 and higher with Eclipse - PATCH ...
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 06:50:59 -0800 (PST)

As promised (to Mark), here are the basics and links on the problem with Eclipse and recent cvs upgrades (1.11.7 and above).  Eclipse failed for us when I upgraded to 1.11.9.  Eclipse is aware of problem.  The patch I implemented is found on Eclipse's Bugzilla page.   Here's how: 
1) (see second link provided in this email, scroll 1/4 down, see the attachment box.  
2) You'll find a cvs.jar.
3) Download
4) Shutdown Eclipse
5) Copy cvs.jar to "[eclipse install]/plugins/"
6) Start eclipse.
It solved the inability to view projects under HEAD, but none of the developers could get it to actually branch, etc.  ( I haven't had time to test this out myself, will do so soon. )
Below is a summerization and a link to the basics of the problem.
After that, a link to the specific bug page.
Why doesn't Eclipse 2.1.x work with CVS server versions 1.11.7 and beyond?
Most of the interesting Eclipse CVS functionality relies on the format of the
messages and the change in format made in 1.11.7 breaks the parsing in 2.1.x.
See bug 45138 for more information on this issue.
Bugzilla Bug 45138    
[2.1.2 Candidate] Eclipse doesn't work with cvs server version 1.11.9

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