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Re: A way to see who has checked out a module?

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: A way to see who has checked out a module?
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:43:11 -0500

Could it be Phil that you have posed the question because the users that want
this have come from a version control system that either supports locking,
like rcs|sccs, or from a version control system that does locking by having a
human cm dole out files to the people who request to work on them?

If the above is where they come from and are looking for something vaguely
similar in CVS you might try `cvs watch on filename`[1].
If it is mostly to further communication when someone finds out the file they
have been modifying is changed when they do a cvs update, try `cvs watch add
-a commit` so they might be notified a little quicker.

BTW from your first email "... I do not want to give them shell access to the
box". I have not used ViewCVS, but I have a question, if people are modifying
the files how is it they don't have 'shell access to the box'?  note: I have
begun taking a perspective near Greg Woods' on pserver, ... pserver is almost
as good as a shell access with none of the accountability.  Or are the users
in question read only?


Steve deRosier wrote:
> Again...  this isn't going to tell you much.  It basically gives you a
> log of certain activity with the system.  I can run the same command and
> I get the following results:
> * I have 21 modules checked out.  Of those 21, I only have directories
> in my sandbox for 15 of those (where did those others go?  probably rm
> -r them at some point when I didn't need to work on them anymore)  Of
> the 15, I haven't touched 6 of them in close to a year, and in the last
> two months I've only even looked at 3.
> * Someone who left the company almost 6 months ago has 8 modules checked
> out.
> * One person only has 1 module checked out -- From March last year.
> * No releases are ever done by anybody.
> So, what info does cvs history -ao give you?  Basically that someone
> checked out a module for some reason at some point.  Does that give you
> the info you're looking for?  Maybe.  If so, I'd just setup a simple
> cron command:
> 'cvs history -ao > /var/www/html/cvscheckouts.txt'
> But it doesn't tell me anything useful.
> - Steve
> Phil Labonte wrote:
> > But you can see who has checked out files and when via the command line
> > so all I was looking for is something to add to apache... I guess I will
> > have to write my own perl script for cgi
> >
> >
> > cvs -history -a -o shows all users and all checked out modules...
> >
> > Greg A. Woods wrote:
> >
> >> [ On Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 09:25:52 (-0500), Phil Labonte wrote: ]
> >>
> >>
> >>> Subject: Re: A way to see who has checked out a module?
> >>>
> >>> I use ViewCVS as well but there is no option to see a log of checked
> >>> out files is there? If there is can you let me know where?
> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >> Fundamentally there's really no such concept of "checked out files" in
> >> CVS.  There is no "file locking" in CVS, so "checked out" does not mean
> >> what I think you think it means.
> >>
> >> Any number of people can have any number of working directories checked
> >> out on any number of clients.
> >>
> >> None of it really makes any difference to how anyone would know who's
> >> really working on what.
> >>
> >> CVS is not a replacement for good project management.
> >>
> >>
> >>

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) 
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