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Re: Have I got a corrupt repository?

From: Lotus Elise2 135R
Subject: Re: Have I got a corrupt repository?
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 14:07:49 +0100

>   timestamp = 0x725f7376 <Address 0x725f7376 out of bounds>,
>   options = 0x736f7065 <Address 0x736f7065 out of bounds>,
>   tag = 0x726f7469 <Address 0x726f7469 out of bounds>, date =
>   0x61742f79 <Address 0x61742f79 out of bounds>, conflict =
>   0x74736570 <Address 0x74736570 out of bounds>}
> > Andy.

Trying to figure out how the values became corrupt is likely to be

Certainly is. Note that the space overwritten in the struct is probably a string since the hex values spell out "al/cvs_repository/tapest".

Might look into that?

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