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From: Blaney, Liza
Subject: cvswrappers
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:45:01 -0800

I created a cvs wrappers file which seemed to work fine.  I then added 3
more lines at the end of it, and committed the change but the lines I
added are ignored. I have logged out and back in.  Is there something
which has to be done at the server?  

I am on XP (Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.5 (client)); the 
server declares: "This is a(n) sun machine running the sunos operating
system version 5.8."


*.exe -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.rc -m 'COPY'
*.rc2 -m 'COPY'
*.cur -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.ico -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.bmp -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.clw -m 'COPY'
*.upd -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.upm -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.map -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.hex  -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.dll -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.lib -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.wsp -m 'COPY'
*.dsp -m 'COPY'
*.dsw -m 'COPY'
*.zip -m 'COPY' -k 'b'
*.olb -m 'COPY' -k 'b'
*.xls -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.doc -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.ppt -k 'b' -m 'COPY'

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