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How to import Changes into a Branch ?

From: Masanori Watanabe
Subject: How to import Changes into a Branch ?
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 23:52:59 -0800 (PST)

Hi, I have a question about the use of Branch and
Here's my branch structure. 

The main trunk keeps the release codes.
When we start the development of a new release we
create a couple of release development branches like
Release10-unit, Release-10-qa, etc.
Programmers will post their changes to Release10-unit.
When the unit test is complete, they request the CVS
administrator to migrate the code change to the next
stage , Release-10-qa where tester will test the
After the QA is done, the code will finally make it to
the release and merged into the main trunk.

My problme is that we occasionally need to accept the
code changes from outside programmers or vendors.
I want to use 'import' function to take these changes
into our repository.
But I could not figure out how I can import sources
into a specific Branch instead of main trunk.

I'm wondering if the branches should not be designed
this way or the import function simply does not
support what I want to do. 
Any advise would be very appreciated.
Thank you.


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