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Re: How to import Changes into a Branch ?

From: Claus Henriksen
Subject: Re: How to import Changes into a Branch ?
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 13:08:28 +0100
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Tirsdag den 27. januar 2004 08:52 skrev Masanori Watanabe:
> Hi, I have a question about the use of Branch and
> import.
> Here's my branch structure.
> The main trunk keeps the release codes.
> When we start the development of a new release we
> create a couple of release development branches like
> Release10-unit, Release-10-qa, etc.
> Programmers will post their changes to Release10-unit.
> When the unit test is complete, they request the CVS
> administrator to migrate the code change to the next
> stage , Release-10-qa where tester will test the
> codes.
> After the QA is done, the code will finally make it to
> the release and merged into the main trunk.
> My problme is that we occasionally need to accept the
> code changes from outside programmers or vendors.
> I want to use 'import' function to take these changes
> into our repository.
> But I could not figure out how I can import sources
> into a specific Branch instead of main trunk.

Maybe you discovered that the files in branch Release10-unit by an import is 
just overwritten by the vendors new version if there is a difference. :-/ And 
yes, you dont want that.

> I'm wondering if the branches should not be designed
> this way or the import function simply does not
> support what I want to do.
> Any advise would be very appreciated.

I think the import function works ok for your purpose. Here is how I see it to 
be done, see

1. Keep close track of what the vendor gives you - as should always do: 
cvs import -m "now they sent us this beta" themodule theirbranch 
2. Checkout e.g. Release10-unit branch of themodule and apply the vendor 
changes from the (N-1)'th to the N'th release: 
cvs co -r Release10-unit themodule
cvs update -j theirNminus1threleasetag -j theirNthreleasetag

Best regards,

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