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Multi-tier development CVS plan

From: Jeraimee Hughes
Subject: Multi-tier development CVS plan
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 11:21:20 -0500
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I'll be modifying our development process here at the office from 3
tier (development->stage->production) to 4 tier
(development->stage->release->production) and I'm trying to make sure
I have the best CVS plan.

Any feedback (good and bad) would be great. I'm not sure if I'm way
off base here or if I'm starting to zero in on the best plan of


Development Branch(s)
 All development takes place in development branches.
 Branching from this branch is permitted for larger clients
 e.g. create a YOYO branch for custom coding for YOYO


Stage Branch
 This branch will be all ready development branches merged for QC and
 final testing based on dates/release schedules.

  \DEV     \STAGE

Release Branch
 The release branch will always be a current checkout of the same code
 on production systems, again based on dates/release schedules.


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