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Repository file owner/group problem

From: Andrew E. Clark
Subject: Repository file owner/group problem
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 21:17:30 -0500 (EST)

Hi there, CVS users!

As this is my first post, I'll explain my problem briefly -- but please
forgive me if this issue has already cropped up in previous postings...

The CVS repository (on a Red Hat Linux 9.0 machine) I'm administering has
the following problem: whenever a non-cvs-administrative user commits a
file, that file shows up in the repository as owned by that person, rather
than cvs.  This behaviour effectively prevents anyone else from checking
out  or committing projects to the repository, since (to my thinking) ONLY
cvs (my cvs sysadmin user) should be writing to it.

Although I've set up a 'cvsuser' group in /etc/group and added all active
users to the list (NB:  we have no remote users at this time), this
owner/group problem still persists.  Granted, I only know _some_ things
about Linux system administration...

Anyone ever had this problem?? And if so, how did you fix it?  I feel that
it's a simple fix, but since I don't know it, it's 1000 miles away at the

Does anyone know what the default permissions are on clean CVS
repositories and their projects?

Thanks for your help,

Andy Clark

| Andrew E. Clark  --  Computational Scientist |
| 617.353.7427         address@hidden           |
| Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling |
| Center for Space Physics, Boston University  |
| 725 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA  02215     |

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