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Question on repository file permissions - part 2

From: Fouts Christopher (6452)
Subject: Question on repository file permissions - part 2
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 14:56:46 -0400

I have a "sample" project in /cvsroot

I have a "cvsadmin" user in group "cvs" to manage the sample project.
cvsadmin is also in group "users". cvsadmin initially created 
/cvsroot/sample/dir1/file1, and changed group ownership to "users".

I have a "user1" in group "users" who wants to read from and commit
to the repository.

How do I set up my rwx permissions so ALL members of group "users"
can checkout/checkin from/to the repository, but ONLY cvsadmin can
"directly" access the repository, that is, through a regular unix
session and not via cvs.

If I do chmod g+rwxs sample, anyone in group "users" can directly
access the repository (i.e., delete files). If I do a g-w, "users" 
can only checkout, but not checkin.


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