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Fw: Directory Structure and Grabbing Libraries

From: Derrick Schertz
Subject: Fw: Directory Structure and Grabbing Libraries
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:08:53 -0500

We have some core code which many people use but basically one guy maintains.  I'd like
to give common users a way to grab the current C++ library along with its header files, as
they really don't need or want all the gory details of the .cpp source code.
I know I could set up a modules file which listed just these files explicitly, but this doesn't work:
> mathstuff -a *.h mathstuff.lib
because the wildcard isn't supported in this context, which means I'd have to maintain an explicit .h list.
Furthermore it'd be really nice if the common users got a read-only copy...
Is this within the scope of source control -- maybe instead I should set up a code vault
for compiled and tested code to be retrieved by the common user as needed?
- Derrick

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