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RE: Differences between revisions - ALL Files

From: Miller Dale C Contr AFWA/SDHS
Subject: RE: Differences between revisions - ALL Files
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:44:35 -0500

cvs -q rdiff -s -r oldrev -r newrev module

Note that the -s option is available on rdiff and not on diff

: cvs -H rdiff
Usage: cvs rdiff [-flR] [-c|-u] [-s|-t] [-V %d]
    -r rev|-D date [-r rev2 | -D date2] modules...
        -f      Force a head revision match if tag/date not found.
        -l      Local directory only, not recursive
        -R      Process directories recursively.
        -c      Context diffs (default)
        -u      Unidiff format.
        -s      Short patch - one liner per file.
        -t      Top two diffs - last change made to the file.
        -D date Date.
        -r rev  Revision - symbolic or numeric.
        -V vers Use RCS Version "vers" for keyword expansion.

Dale Miller

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Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 10:53 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Differences between revisions - ALL Files

I have spent hours trying to generate a list of all file differences
between revisions so that I can report which files were added and
which files were modified by a project team. The problem is, when CVS
sees a new directory that was added by the team it just says that it's
skipping it altogether because it's not in one of the revisions, as in
"cvs diff: ignoring /com/blah/blah(CVS/Entries Missing)". I want that
list of added files so that I don't have to hand-type the names of
dozens of new files!

I have tried the following:

cvs -nq update -r oldrev
cvs -n diff -r oldrev -r newrev
cvs -n diff -r newrev -r oldrev

...and many other combinations of arguments that didn't make any

Does anyone know of a combination that can give me a complete list of
file differences, even if one revision does not have all of the files
of another revision?


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