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Merging problem (was Re: (no subject))

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Merging problem (was Re: (no subject))
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 09:24:23 -0400
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Tyler wrote:

>address@hidden:~/src/sandbox/troscoe]$ cat test
>trunk line 1
><<<<<<< test
>branch line 1
>branch line 2
>Is there no way to take the delta between two revisions and merge those
>onto another branch? Do i have to merge the entire branch down if i want
>to do this?

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of diffutils, which CVS uses to do
merges.  You asked CVS to add a "branch line 2" after a line
containing "branch line 1" in a file containing only the "trunk line
1".  CVS, via diffutils, craps out and marks up the file in a way that
says, `"trunk line 1" was in both files and "branch line 1" and
"branch line 2" were in the second file, in this location and in this
order.  Deal with it, human.'  Then you need to deal with it.

I think, basically, if you were to talk to the folks on the
<address@hidden> mailing list, you would be told that the
situation was ambiguous and the best that can be done is to ask a
human to look at it, but feel free to try and persuade them
otherwise.  There's a web page describing the diffutils project here
<>.  Feel free to
browse their documentation and mail archives for similar questions.


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