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RE: Problems tagging files using a macro

From: Fouts Christopher (IFNA MP)
Subject: RE: Problems tagging files using a macro
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 16:48:58 -0400

Yes, it's a normal Unix (HPUX in my case) command line call.


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Subject: RES: Problems tagging files using a macro


"date +%E%m%d" alone works in both system1 and system2 ?

Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes
Smart Tech Consulting

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> Assunto: RE: Problems tagging files using a macro
> I believe this is CVS-related rather than unix-related (per se) so 
> here goes.
> I have an *.sh script owned by user1/group1 on system1 that does the 
> following. File has rwxr-x--- permissions.
>       > cvs -d /cvsroot rtag -r b_branch BR`date +%E%m%d` proj
> which tags the b_branch of proj with the day's date, e.g.,
> BR20040503 (those
> are back quotes around the date command). If user1 runs this command on
> system1, where the proj file physically reside, it runs.
> Enter user2/group1 (same group) on system2. /cvsroot directory of
> system1 is
> NFS-mounted on system2 (I didn't set this up) so 
>      system2:/cvsroot --> system1:/cvsroot
> Now when user2 executes the script, it gets
> Assertion failed: strncmp (repository, CVSroot_directory),
> strlen(CVSroot_directory)) == 0, file lock.c line 176 Abort
> We have CVS v1.10.8 (don't ask why not the latest, I did).
> Any clues???
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> Chris T Fouts
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