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Re: Debian patches

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Debian patches
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 14:42:52 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

> >>>#4: Newlines in checkin template
> >>>================================
> >>>
> >>>Clean up newline-handling slightly when editing commit messages.
> >>
> >>I seem to recall getting shot down when I tried to add these newlines
> >>back into cvs a while ago. The thought was that you could put what you
> >>wanted into the rcsinfo template you are using...
> >True, but lots of people don't use templates. It would be nice for the
> >default blank message to be easier to use.
> Please discuss this with Larry and Derek... I tried to get them to
> reverse the patch when the newline originally went missing before I
> had commit access to the repository.

I'm still against backing that out.  Some people don't like the
newline (including myself) and leaving it out by default makes it
configurable.  Put a blank line in your rcsinfo template!  So what if
you aren't using it yet?  Since Mark's changes a few releases back,
rcsinfo template changes will even show up on update and not just

> >>>#9: -l still causing problems
> >>>=============================
> >>>
> >>>-l was re-added on the server, but can still cause client end
> >>>problems. I've re-added it for the client too; it's simply a no-op at
> >>>the moment.
> >>
> >>Yeah, I am not sure what to really do about the -l switch these days.
> >People were scared by the change, so it was easiest to add a no-op.
> Yup. I removed the server warning at one site I maintian because of
> complaints that 'cvs release' were generating warnings messages when
> using older cvs clients...

Hrm.  I _have_ been hearing a lot of complaints about this.  Perhaps
it would be best to just to make the server noop on -l.

Too bad noone has fixed release yet to use the internal update API
rather than execing an external `cvs up'.  :(


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