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Checkout from a Linux-based repository with DOS line-endings

From: marko
Subject: Checkout from a Linux-based repository with DOS line-endings
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 13:10:51 +0200 (CEST)


I have a repository located on a Linux cvs server.

My source code files are coded in DOS (CR+LF) style.

My cvs client is WinCVS.


Sometimes I take the whole repository home and check the actual source
code out under Linux, to later copy it to my Windows partition. This
sounds a bit odd, but I don't have a 2nd computer at home to make it the


The problem: line endings are now of course Unix style (LF).
             This is a pain, since you'd have to dosify the whole tree,
             before you can actually work with the sources...


How to solve this?

2 Possibilities:

 a) Let WinCVS handle the repository under Windows directly. Checking out
    might be ok, but committing something could screw everything?!

 b) Use some magic optional switch unter Linux while checking the tree
    out... (Question is which one?)


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