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Re: Checkout from a Linux-based repository with DOS line-endings

From: marko
Subject: Re: Checkout from a Linux-based repository with DOS line-endings
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 13:34:00 +0200 (CEST)

Hello Spiro,

> So, the line has to be:
> "It is no problem to move the checked out working copy as long as you
> don't cross the border LF/CR+LF".
Well, but, perhaps I misunderstand you, I do cross that border! And that's
the trouble. My repository (created and maintained on linux' cvs) uses LF,
but I'd like to check the source out in CR+LF, which obviously doesn't
work so easily... Need to try what Doug recommended. Let WinCVS work on a
copy of the repository directly and hope it would take care of the
LF->CR+LF conversion. But, as stated before, I am afraid that WinCVS might
screw things up when I try to add files or commit changes to that
repository since it doesn't know anything about the LF-origin of it...
And, of course, as Doug noted, also the filenames might be changed
uncontrollably by Windows as well... Tricky task. So, looks like I need
either Linux or Windows running on an OS-emulator so that I could use the
true linux cvs pserver... OVERKILL... :)


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