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Branch mess, and starting a project with import

From: Peter S. May
Subject: Branch mess, and starting a project with import
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 15:38:55 -0500
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Tom Copeland wrote:

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 14:43, Jim.Hyslop wrote:

Hm, that's interesting.  I've always started projects in CVS by doing an
import of some existing directory tree... just seems to remove some of
the tediousness of lots of cvs adds of directories...

Indeed, the CVS Book 3rd edition ( ) around page 31 outlines cvs import as the way to start a new module in the repository. From the top level of your existing (non-CVS) project, enter

cvs import -m "Initial checkin" projectname vendortag releasetag

Of particular relevance here is that, if you're just starting a new module (as opposed to importing some 3rd party mess), the choice of vendortag and releasetag is basically irrelevant because that information will never really be used again:

        The vendortag and releasetag arguments are a bit of
        bookkeeping for CVS. Don't worry about them now; it
        rarely matters what you use. In Chapter 4 you'll learn
        about the rare circumstances in which they're
        significant. For now, we'll use a username and start
        for those arguments.

That does seem to be less of a hassle (and probably less error-prone) than editing the repository guts...

Anyway, kynn, afterward what you have is a trunk, which you can basically treat as having no branch tag, and you can branch from that all you want.

-- PSM

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