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Deleting a branch, Can't do it.

From: Aries
Subject: Deleting a branch, Can't do it.
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 01:17:25 -0700

Hi all
I have read the previous post, some one claims that the -B switch will do.
But looks like my CVS do not understand -B switch.

When I type CVS version, I get the following info:

Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) NT (Build 41)
Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.0.11 (client/server)

I tried to do a cvs rtag -d -b TagName Module
I got the following error message:

cvs tag: warning: -b ignored with -d options
cvs server: warning: -b ignored with -d options

And how could I remove a branch?  That branch was accidentally created and
no one has ever created anything on it.  Can some one please help?


                                                                Forever Bad.

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