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cvs pserver not listening on port 2401

From: Karl Lehnberger
Subject: cvs pserver not listening on port 2401
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 12:56:28 +0200

Following the recommendations on
I set up a cvs environment on a RedHat9 Linux box (cvs-1.11.2-10).
But starting the cvs server either with
  cvs -f --allow-root=/space/cvs pserver&
or over
and then trying to connect from a client via
  telnet cvshost 2401
  cvs :pserver:address@hidden:/space/cvs login
gives the error "connection refused" which means
that the cvs process isn't even listening on port 2401.
(verified with netstat)
In /var/log/messages I found
Jun  29 14:07:11 lll cvs: error setting KEEPALIVE: Socket operation on
but the cvs server is running.
What can be the reason that "cvs pserver" isn't listening on port 2401?
There is no blocking firewall or router involved.

Thank's for help

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