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Re: finding files missing from my workspace

From: Andy Fish
Subject: Re: finding files missing from my workspace
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 11:29:16 GMT

"Paul Gelderblom (ptok)" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> I would use
> cvs -n update <topdir>
> this will give you the output of cvs update and show you which files would
> be replaced locally during a "real" update, but it will *not* do it.
> Having a quick look, I did not find a way to issue this command via the
> of Tortoise or WinCvs . You may need to use a command line CVS for this
> (which you have installed if you use Tortoise)
> However:
> If you install WinCvs next to Tortoise (which is possible provided that
> force them to use the same CVS executable on the client), you will see the
> "deleted" files in the folder: they will have a special "broken file"
> WinCVS bases this knowledge on the (local) CVS folder, which still
> infornation on the file you deleted.
> In my experience, Tortoise is a wonderful and easy to use client on the
> but in specific cases like these you will need to have Wincvs installed
> to it (or use the command line cvs, whichever you prefer.)
> Paul Gelderblom

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