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Re: coaxing scientists to use cvs

From: marko
Subject: Re: coaxing scientists to use cvs
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 14:30:48 +0200 (CEST)


I also use cvs for LaTeX sources and have the same problem with the diffs.

It always depends on how you format your sources. With code it's easier,
much easier. Every line contains a certain piece of code.  But text source
can't be handled in this simple way.

I used to write one-line-paragraphs in Emacs to be able to have automatic
line wrapping, but doing so leads to huge ,v-files eventually, because a
tiny change in a paragraph triggers a complete substitution of the whole
thing... If you do the word wrap yourself you have similar problems, just
because of a single letter you can still end up with many diffs all over
the place...

I'd guess CVS is not so well-suited for this job. Of course keeping the
revisions is essential, but for the diffs you'd need something else in
that case. I recall a certain discussion on this list about other ways of
diffing and custom diff programs, though I have to admit I didn't follow
that thread. I guess textual content would be such a case where this would
come in handy. Right?!


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