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how to update from the repo of a repo?

From: Robert P. J. Day
Subject: how to update from the repo of a repo?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 09:06:54 -0400 (EDT)

(apparently, my earlier post didn't get accepted due to timing of rejoining the list, so let's try it again.)

is there an accepted way of setting up a CVS repo for a number of developers, where the repo itself is updated from yet another repo? (this might be the equivalent of BK's clone of a clone.)

i want some developers to work with a kernel source tree, for which there's a CVS repo out there on the net that's updated on a regular basis. but i'd rather they didn't update from the main repo directly, i'd prefer them to update from a local repo i want to create, and it's the local repo that will update from the main one, just to keep everyone consistent.

in addition, these developers will be making changes to the kernel source, and checking those changes back in for the benefit of the others. they definitely don't have the authority to check stuff back in to the main repo; hence, the need for a local repo.

in short, i want to set up a local repo that will accept changes both as updates from the main, remote one, as well as commits from the local developers (obviously, watching for the times when they have to deal with conflicts along the way).



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