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Re: Need suggestion regarding CVS

From: Martin Jost
Subject: Re: Need suggestion regarding CVS
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:07:27 +0200

"Arun Prasath" <address@hidden> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:address@hidden
> I have a bunch of small projects lying around in my computer, for
> e.g., I have code for my website, then there are a few projects in C
> that I have for school.
> I keep changing the code and frequently end up needing to rewrite some
> of the code that I lost in the process. I have now decided to maintain
> the code through CVS but am not sure whether to have my own CVS
> repository or to use any of the free project hosting sites (like
> I have a decent linux box and my projects are really not that bulky
> (each of them shouldn't be more than a few megabytes). My question is
> if I setup a CVS server on my linux box, would the administration of
> the server be a real pain in the butt and a drain on my cpu resources?

Administrating the server isn't that big a problem; (probably as long as you 
don't have very special needs)
The repository will take "somewhat" more than the contents of your 
head-revision of your projects.
So this shouldn't be the big problem.

So what I see in regard of having the server "lent" is: (in no special order)
+ You don't have to bother with server-updates (but still with client-updates)
+ They do the backup
+ You have your code accessible wherever you have internet-access and a cvs 
+ You can share the access with other developers
- You need internet access to get at your code or commit
- Internet-access will be slower then your local repository
- You probably have to pay for your internet-connection
- You have to live with whatever policies (update, backup, ...) "they" have in 

HTH (just my 1 c)


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