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keywords merge

From: Stins, Dick
Subject: keywords merge
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:58:32 +0200

I have a bulk merging proces (also binary files)
Import a vendor version wich differs only for a few files from the trunc.
Most files are like the trunc except the keywords expansions.
The problem is that the import notices conflicts, cause by only and only the keywords.
File a.txt revision 1.1 in trunc:
$Revision: 1.1$
Hello world
File a.txt to import:
Hello world
So these files are files are equal, except for the keyword.
Since their are binaries too, it is not possible to use -kk.
So when I merge, I get a dummy revision 1.2.
It would be nicer when CVS has options to ignore or warn for keyword expansion differences, so
that the revision 1.2 is not created and there is only a revision with the vendortag and the release tag of the import.
(I guess that the vendortag of import create a branchtag?)
Is there a solutions for this issue? For the moment, I accept the extra dummy 1.2 revision. I used to use merant pvcs. pvcs asks you to proceed or abort when you check in a revision without "any" changes.
Thanks for your help.
With best regards,
Dick Stins


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