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[OT ?] *WIN*CVS setup questions

From: New Bie 123
Subject: [OT ?] *WIN*CVS setup questions
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 23:25:42 -0700

Hi List

I am new to *Win*CVS. I've tried to subscribe to WinCVS at 
yahoo groups, but not yet received approval.

Hence the post here

Hope this isn't totally OT

I've used command line CVS for downloading beta releases of some
projects like

I wish to setup Win CVS to regularly download changes to these and
other projects

I understand the concept of CVS and some of the basic commands as
explained in 

1) I've visited the following places before asking here

Being news to *Win*CVS, I have the following questions

2) What are the WinCVS preferences that I should set up to update
/ checkout changes to

3) When I setup Win CVS, what's the recommended CVS Root Data
- Path
- Host address (IP / DNS name)
- Username
- CVS root

4) Is there a "quick start" for newcommers to WinCVS ? 
**I could not** find a step by step "quick start" to set up
the Win CVS **preferences**

any help would be most appreciated
Sorry if these questions were repeated earlier 



  New Bie 123

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