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Can't save merged file when using Tortoise CVS with WinMerge

From: Pasc
Subject: Can't save merged file when using Tortoise CVS with WinMerge
Date: 27 Sep 2004 14:47:01 -0700

I have come across a problem where after merging my conflicting file
with WinMerge if there were any changes on the left hand side of the
comparison view WinMerge will ask me to save under a different name
because the file is set as read only by TortoiseCVS.

Can tortoise CVS be told to not make the temporary file (on the left
of comparison view) not read only?

I saw one site
where there work around is "Remember that the file on the left in
WinMerge is just a temporary copy of the file in CVS. Modify the file
on the right, save it and then commit the changes using WinCVS."

I would prefer to tell the users to merge the two files until they are
identical by choosing the proper code(copy right ir copy left) then
simply save and tell Tortoise to save the conflict with the merged

Currently I always get a warning saying it can't save the file on the
left. If you close winmerge before saving it asks you twice to save
and so you need to answer no for the left one and yes for the right


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