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waiting for lock message on cvs

From: Melroy
Subject: waiting for lock message on cvs
Date: 28 Sep 2004 08:38:44 -0700

I did a very stupid mistake while trying to commit something ona  new
when i tried to commit a file , I did not have a default editor set
so it opened a vim editor to log in my messages. Since I am not
familiar with
vim, I killed th cvs commit job (using kill -9 pid). Then when I set
the editor to be emacs it and tried to commit the same file I get the
error message
cvs commit: cvs commit: [11:28:28] waiting for melroy's lock
I looked at the past archives and cvs manual to look for this solution
and it appears that  this message occurs when two people
simulatenously try to commit something. anyhow can someone suggest a 
simple solution? Is there  alock file
which I should look for and delete?
Thanks a lot

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