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generating logs to mail out from a repository, not checked out code?

From: Carl Brewer
Subject: generating logs to mail out from a repository, not checked out code?
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 17:15:22 +1000
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I'm trying to get an email summary of changes to an entire
repository.  I have a repository : /home/scvs/repository,
which is accessed both from a chrooted pserver, and ssh
logins.  We were using the usual entry in CVSROOT/loginfo
to generate emails when commits are made, but hacking
a mailer into our chroot directory is not something I'd
like to do unless there's no alternative.  I've just recently
set up the chroot'ed pserver, and this is the bit I need
to set so it'll send emails when something happens.

I had a look at, which can generate summary
logs by time for a checked out copy, but I want to be able
to run something on the repository server itself to send out mails
when commits are made, or send a summary every N minutes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  It seems a little heavy
to run a cronjob to check out everything in the repository on the server
every 10 mins and then run cvs -l over it, but is that
my only way to do this short of hacking at my chroot dir to
make my MTA behave?

This is for a redhat gnu/linux box.

thanks for any suggestions,


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